Horrible Histories- Laugh While You Learn

I am a huge history buff. 

I'm the one sitting in a corner with a big, dry history book with highlighter in hand and post it notes at the ready to mark interesting pages.  It's how I met my husband- we fell in love over the pages of a history book.  

I don't need flashy things to keep me interested in a history book (although I am a huge sucker for a book with pictures in the middle!), but I do appreciate a good non-fiction book with lots of sidebars, pictures, graphs and captions etc... I'm also a big fan of documentaries with reenactments of historical events or computer generated images of the figures or structures of the days gone by. (Hello... Nefertiti's Odyssey on NatGeo and Building the Impossible: The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World).

I understand that I am the exception, rather than the rule. So for everyone else there is a hysterically funny British series called, Horrible Histories. Originally a children's program, it seems more appropriate for adults. So for those of you that need a little humor to your history (or like me like it either way) enjoy these little snippets of some of my favorites below! You won't be disappointed!

Helen Of Troy
"What am I like?"

The Tudor Song
"Oy! That's me you're talking about!"

Crazy Caligula
"Hello. It's great to be here in Rome! What a city!"

Alexander the Great 
"Perhaps when you found your own city you can name it after yourself, you could call it, hmmm.... Skinny-mandria."

Causes of WWI
"Nobody punches Blenkinsopp and gets away with it!"

Caligula vs. Poseidon
"My only fear with that plan, is to the untrained eye that might look a bit like thousands of men throwing sticks in the sea for no good reason."


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