Fabulous Fashionistas

Oh my goodness my friends, this documentary is something else!! These feisty ladies are to be admired and emulated. I really want to be like them when I'm "old". Age is just a number as proven by these women, attitude is everything. Notice the things and ideas all of these lovely ladies have in common? They exercise and have a fantastic attitude. They don't care if you're staring at their loud apparel or gorgeous baby bangs. More than one wear Dr Martens and ALL are themselves, unapologetically themselves. They have class and creativity. They are unique and once again ALL refuse to be "old". The only one who even remotely looks her age is Baroness Trumpington, but she doesn't act it, she is fiery, giving the two fingered salute (the British version of  the "middle" finger) to a peer in the House Of Lords when he said she looked "pretty old".

All of these beautiful women have interesting stories but Jean Woods is my favorite. There is just something about her 1920's Louise Brooks bob and the cutting of her own severe baby bangs that gets me! I just love her style. I may not wear those things now myself but you'd better believe we would have shared a wardrobe in my goth phase in the 1990s.

More than one got a second lease on life later in their years, which I find inspiring. Think you're done at 40? Reached your peak at 60? Um try finding a whole new way of life, a new career path at 70 or 85!

I think the lesson here is not to stay stagnant- to see yourself not as a number or an expectation but as you feel- be alive, be colorful, be that person you've been too afraid to be. After all if people judge you that's there problem- I think after living a full life you're allowed not to care about what people think! Thank you for the boost ladies, it's always nice to be inspired!!

** It has been brought to my attention that the documentary has been removed from viewing. I had a link to watch the whole 45 minutes but that link no longer works. Below I have put the trailer. I will try to find the link to the full documentary for you this weekend, dear reader. It is SO worth watching!!


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