Countdown to Ireland- Update 1

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As we countdown to our adventure in Ireland (previous post here) we have been anxiously checking the weather across the pond. Daniel has a vested interest in checking the UK weather regularly as all of his family is there and I keep tabs on all things English because of dear friends (hello Jules!) who live there, but we have been taking particular care in being on top of it these days. While California has been having a nasty cold snap (with the exception of this week) it is nothing compared to what our tea loving cousins are experiencing. We're a bit isolated here and today while I was enjoying the 75 degrees F (23 C) and an afternoon jog in a t-shirt, I had a hard time imagining the storms that are taking the Isles of Great Britain and Ireland and drowning and tossing them about with high winds. Flights are being diverted, power is out, homes and businesses are flooding.

So does this mean we should be renting a canoe instead of a car?! We wanted an adventure and it looks like we'll get one!

(*a word to my mother who is probably reading this- I'm sure the storms will pass before we go, they're forecasted for some sun tomorrow!)

We have made the decision that whatever comes our way we'll make the best of it and have a good time! I'm just grateful that we're not leaving tomorrow!


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