Weekend Review in Photos

Last weekend was just a fantastic! I went to two different Farmers Markets here in SLO county, got in two dates with my husband, a hang out session with one of my favorite friends, some quiet time alone, and lots of reading.

Here's a recap in photos:

lunch date with my husband. YUM!
Veggie burger at Sylvester's

my current obsession apparently. just love the Rotunda building

Cheer up, old bean!

Nature's Touch, Templeton, California. Amazing produce, and fabulous hard to find plants.

back porch date- roasted portobello mushroom with kale, roasted potatoes, beets and green beans
(for portobello mushroom recipe see HERE)

Templeton Farmers Market

finds at a random junk sale on the side of the road. 


Farmers Market in little Baywood (Los Osos, California)

newest veggie to grace my table- lemon cucumbers. never heard of them until This Little Bird Shop brought me one. hurray for farmers markets stocking them right now!! thank you Amber for introducing me to this gem. 

succulents and air plants galore

Templeton Farmers Market


tootsies and wet grass on a hot summer morning. what a great way to start the day.


  1. why are farmer's markets the absolute best place to snap photos?
    ok, now i'm hungry

    xo The Egg


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