Retail Therapy

We all have those times where we just spend with abandon, even when we know we need to save for practical things like you know- rent- but sometimes we just have to give in and indulge. The past two weeks have been full of various forms of retail therapy for me- shoes, clothes, bath products (LUSH anyone?!) and kitchen related items, and that's okay- I gave myself a free pass. Things have been more than a bit stressful lately with some health related things which have passed now thankfully, but left me feeling the urge to well, shop! (and eat, but that's for another post). I thought I'd share these purchases with you, as a pseudo Outfit Of The Day post. 

JCrew was good to me. They kindly decided to have their 40% off the sale price, exactly when I decided to do my retail therapy. It's a win-win! I didn't pay anything close to retail price and they got a sale they wouldn't otherwise have gotten. Everybody dance!

Everyone needs a denim jacket in their wardrobe. It's a must-a classic staple. My previous denim jacket was too big (hip-hip-hooray!!!) so it was time to invest in a new one. Well, thankfully JCrew heard I was in the market and offered up this little gem, the Nolita in Indigo. Sadly it is no longer on sale, but if you keep tabs on it you just might get lucky. I would have to say, it's quite the soft and amazing, so it's definitely worth the full price, but I'm just sayin' if you can get it on sale- even better!

What is this vision in polka dots, you might be asking? It's the freaking amazing Schoolboy Blazer in fabulous navy polka dots and linen. The polka dots are sold out, but they do have it in a gorgeous stripe, or if you're ready for fall they have the updated version in lots of luscious fall colors. I can't wait to wear the heck out of this thing with some trouser or skinny jeans, some fabulous flats and a scarf. (my favorite scarf ever- another sale purchase from a few years ago- is the Matta Dupatta in Bark)

But how about on a local level? Well, once again the sale gods have got my back! Local boutique Ambiance decided that they too would with gift me with 40% off of the sale price. How can I say no to that? Boy am I glad I did indeed say yes! I got what has now become my favorite shirt in the whole world (perhaps an exaggeration, but you get the idea!) 

I never in a million years thought I could pull off peplum shirts. I have a pear shaped figure and have never been entirely happy with my shape below my waist and didn't want to accentuate that with detailing at the hips. I have been proved wrong, this is now my third peplum purchase and each gets better than the last. I'm so glad I took the chance and tested out the peplum resurgence. I have realized that with the right piece on the bottom a peplum can be my best friend!! Like I said this, Julienne W- Weston Wear Paloma Peplum shirt is now my favorite and will stay in my closet for many years to come!! (ps, I'm obsessed with how the Weston Wear website styled this shirt and am now on the hunt for a button up blouse like they featured).

And what about those fabulous shoes? Well, I couldn't leave Ambiance without treating my feet to a little something too! Having a personal shopper didn't hurt my retail therapy experience either (helloooo Kalsee!).  What's not to love about these girly, whimsical wedges from Poetic Licence? (okay I did find one thing not to like- the misspelling of license, that seriously bugs). They're unique and got me stopped all day long, everyone wanted to know about these shoes!! Oh and did I mention the style is called Tiny Dancer? What more do you need?!

In all this retail therapy was there one that got away? Yes, yes there was. 

In another time and another place, navy and red cardigan we could have been great, but alas I left you on the hanger and I've thought of you often. Oh well, I did enough damage with the other fabulous finds, now it's back to being practical and saving for grown up stuff.


  1. Fabbbbbuuulous post my friend, am positively green with retail envy! Those shoes are awesome, love love love xx

    1. Thanks!! Yes, the shoes really are something! :) xoxo

  2. You look absolutely fab in that Peplum shirt. Actually, you look better in it than the model wearing it on the Paloma Peplum web site! I too love retail therapy, but for me, it's more the technology items rather than clothes (unless I'm at Century 21 in New York City).

    1. Awwww, thank you so much Kwogni!!! :)

      I'm getting back into my exercise and eating routine, by the way- I'll be posting some yummy and healthy recipes again soon!! I hear that there might be another MyFitspiration dietbet in September!


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