Jimmy Towels- No Need For Paper

Back in December  of 2012 SLOmygosh did a post about a local Kickstarter project called Jimmy Towel.  I just loved this idea, one: because it's local! two: because I hate using paper towels in public restrooms! I have eczema on my hands and if I don't get my hands thoroughly dry then I'm in trouble. three: it's environmentally sound! no more using paper in such an inefficient way!

Why am I bringing this up if their Kickstarter project was fully funded back in December? Because my awesome Jimmy Towel arrived in the mail today and now you can get one too!! Jimmy Towel is now available to the public at large! I'm seriously loving my Dapper Jimmy!! Your reusable hand towel can be used about five times before you need to take it out of the case and wash it. Oh yeah that's right, it's all machine washable! You can even purchase extra towel inserts- choose your color and choose your saying.

Jimmy Towel can be purchased HERE


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