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photo courtesy of Fresh Polish
What happens when you feel like you share a brain with your best friend? You create a fabulous monthly Ezine together! They might be different but the voices of Fresh Polish are often so similar it's hard to know which gal has taken the reigns- Tina or Ali? And just who are Tina and Ali? Both are San Luis Obispo natives who met and became friends in school. Life took them separate ways but it also brought them back together (it has a funny way of doing that, when it's meant to be!) in the fruit aisle of a local grocery store- serendipity at work!

We, the reading public can count ourselves very lucky indeed that these lovely ladies decided jointly to reclaim some "me" time and embark on this endeavor. You know that feeling when your favorite song comes on the radio and instantly you're footloose, fancy free and maybe 17 again?! Yeah, we've all experienced it and that feeling is what inspired Ali and Tina to launch Fresh Polish. This Ezine isn't just about the FP duo, it's about all of us ladies- it's about inspiring and catapulting us out of our comfort zones (teaser alert- there is a firing range in the future!) So they set out to do just that, harnessing the awesome talent of Elizabeth at Lola Red Design Group Ali gingerly dipped her toes in with Tina wielding the cattle prod closely behind her- and thus Fresh Polish was born!

I recently met up with Fresh Polish's dynamic duo for our own "me" time- coffee and chitchat at Kreuzberg- the most fun I've had at a meeting in a long time.  Tina and I have known each other for quite a long time now but Ali and I had only met twice before this morning get together, both times briefly so I wasn't sure if I would feel shy but we all easily fell into conversation and could have made Ali late for her day job if she hadn't been dutifully checking the clock!

Their philosophy behind Fresh Polish is infectious, they were shooting out ideas, giving me sneak peeks into future articles and all I could think was, "Ooo, ooo pick me!!" I wanted in! I just wanted to shout, "Yes!". Actually I think I did, and I think I might have elbowed my way into an outing or two (aforementioned firing range, eeee!)

photo courtesy of Fresh Polish.

Like all good business meetings we eventually veered off track and talked about the important things- boots and bow ties (and the best summer drink, road trips and thrifting...)!! This is where Ali enthusiastically recalled in detail her drink recommendation for summer- the coke float from local coffeehouse BlackHorse. Tina and I were both ready to throw down our things to get one immediately- who could say no to Mexican coke (yep, the real sugar stuff from south of the border), a shot of espresso, vanilla syrup and full cream?! This is also the point in the conversation when Tina plopped her booted foot on the table and basically said, "get a load of these babies", when asked what her spring/summer wardrobe obsession was. Her answer when it's too hot to wear said boots?- gladiator sandals, and I heartily agree!

Take another tip from these gals for summer fun! Road trip!! Who doesn't love a good road trip? Cue the good tunes, windows, sunroof or top down- hair flowing, sunnies on and your cares left behind the county line! What's even better? The Fresh Polish lasses have suggested routes to the north and south, so no matter what your preference they've got you covered. Ali would prefer to travel on up north, chilling on Hwy 1, taking her time, with a stop(s) in Big Sur and Carmel- ahhh a girl after my own heart! While our gal Tina, is big on the quirkiness of Venice Beach and Santa Monica- something for everyone! Both agree that if you're not up for a long distance road trip, how about a day trip to our very own 5 cities area and the awesome thrift shops located there- here is where I must interject- this is some special information my friends, a thrifter doesn't often give up their sources!

These girls take hot summer days seriously. Here's what they recommend for the Fresh Polish girl in all of us:

* Dresses! Ali says this is definitely her "Summer of the dress" and I think it should be yours too!

* The classic white ribbed tank (aka the wife beater- I wish it had a better name folks, but there you go!) This tank is so darn versatile and Tina knows it! - why, I'm sporting one while I write this!

* Peter Pan collars- you can never go wrong with this 60's throwback!

* Bow-ties! It's time take these beyond your collar and get creative! A bow-tie in your hair? Yes! As a necklace? Double yes!

photo courtesy of Fresh Polish

As we wound things down, coffees consumed and "real" life calling, Ali let out a wise call to arms, "Don't wait until the kids are off to college- don't wait until retirement to do things!" And that my friends, is what Fresh Polish is all about! Get out and do it now! Better yet, join them on their adventure!!

Fresh Polish can be found at:
Instagram (fresh_polish)
and coming soon to

And just for Cheer up, Old Bean readers- a little teaser of what's to come in the world of Fresh Polish.
Top Ten Things To Bring On A Girl's Night Out! And ROLLER DERBY!!! Stay tuned- coming in June!!

Also Tina is the proprietor of the awesome Etsy store The Sparklestand! Check out her creative wares HERE.


  1. Awesome! The girls captured perfectly!

  2. I re-read that article again today, because it just makes me smile. Thanks again for all your support, Leah!

    1. you are so very welcome!! I'm so excited for the June edition!!!


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