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As I'm sure you've gathered from some of my previous history related posts, I am a history nerd! I love a good non-fiction book, history magazine or documentary. I completely geeked out when in my local Barnes and Noble magazine section the other day, I spied just the title Exploring History and the top of Benjamin Franklin's prominent cranium. I was there primarily to get the latest issue of Archaeology Magazine- another nerdy pursuit of mine (and also one I used to have a subscription to and rather unwisely chose to give up. I do believe I shall rectify that situation at a later date.) when this glossy publication jumped out at me. Why would I be so excited, you might ask? Well, it's because it's a brand new National Geographic franchise! The above issue is only the second one (drats, I missed the premier issue and it's now sold out!) and being that it is a step-child of National Geographic, it is well written, packed full of interesting photographs, and random historical facts that make me drool! Yep, drool my friends- maybe that's an exaggeration but I feel like I have an inner Jeopardy contestant in me just waiting for the chance to display my knowledge of random and ultimately unimportant facts!

With all of this talk of it being amazing and oooooh the sun rises and sets on it, there must be a downside. There is. And what is that downside? Being a brand new publication, it's future is unknown- you can not get a subscription to it, and it appears- based on the timing of the premier issue and the one which I have my hands on- that it will only be a quarterly magazine. 

So for now I will just have to settle with the one copy I have and check back regularly for a new (*hopefully) issue to appear on the shelves and with that new issue the opportunity to subscribe to so interesting and educational a magazine!

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