It's a New Year- Time to get healthy... again

Haha- Okay so the above might be an exaggeration but let's face it, most of us- myself included- drop our healthy habits this time of the year or at least until Jan 2nd, when we are over our hangovers or food comas from a night spent welcoming the new year. My vice of choice this New Year's Eve? It was popcorn- a big ol' buttery bag of movie popcorn, the good kind with real butter and enough salt to bloat this girl for a week. 

As you can tell from my previous food posts, I've been baking this season. This was after I told myself I wasn't going to bake at all- ha! Who do I think I am really?! With all that baking comes sampling, with all that sampling... well, you see where this is going! My pants are a bit tighter! Fortunately the damage isn't as bad as years passed- I've done much worse to myself- but I am ready to get back to my previous healthy habits and kick start that journey once again.

Anyone else feeling the need to give Santa back all that fat he brought you? I'm so ready to send it back to him wrapped with a bow- the pretty kind with the flexible wires, the ones you usually save because it's too pretty to throw away. That's right- he's getting the good ribbon! 

Happy New Year my friends- I toast you with one last cookie- Brown Butter Cookie Company to be exact!


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