Lush- Treat Your Tootsies To Some Luxury

 The line up. 

Left to right: Ocean Salt, Volcano, Fair Trade foot lotion and Lemony Futter

Lush is one of my favorite body care/ beauty lines. I discovered it about 13 years ago when it was only available in stores in the UK or by catalog for everywhere else- now it is available Stateside with plenty of store locations as well as an online presence. 

I have a favorite foot care routine and with my job my feet take a beating so it's necessary to baby them now and again!

Caution!- this is messy but worth it!!

Ocean Salt- face and body scrub -
Use our vodka infused lime, grapefruit and sea salt scrub for a complexion that really glows. (The smell of this one is heavenly- so light and fresh!)

Volcano foot mask - Have a Volcano blast of deodorizing tomatoes, enzymic papaya and cinnamon leaf oil. (To use: Plaster on clean, dry feet- tops, soles and inbetween toes. Wrap in plastic wrap, scrub off after 10 minutes with warm water)

Fair Trade Foot Lotion -We really like to rub it in to relieve aching feet and soften hard skin. With organic, fair trade cocoa butter and stimulating spearmint. (This smells so delicious and minty! It tingles!)

Lemony Flutter - Repair dry cuticles, dry elbows, toes and heels with our lemony butter. ( I love this stuff! I have one pot upstairs and one pot downstairs!)


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