It's All About the Fake and Bake!

 This lady's going on vacation!

It might not be extravagant and it might be really short, but it's my first purely relaxing drinks-by-the-pool, book-in-hand kind of vacation. I am excited! Excited, people!!! My sister and I (as well as one of my sister's good friends) are going on a short Mexican cruise. The destination is nothing to write home about, I have no plans to actually debark the boat as I have been to that part of Mexico before and it's not exactly a resort town if you get my drift. For me this is all about the pool, a deck chair, perhaps a fruity drink, definitely a book and some peace and quiet!!!! Ahhhhh, I'm reeling with anticipation just thinking about it!!

In my excitement I booked my first airbrush tan appointment. I have applied my own self tanner many a time at home, so I'm no newbie to this stuff, BUT I am a complete newbie to the world of professional spray tan- well, tanning in general. This particular spray tan is organic and supposedly safe to breathe so I decided to go for it. I am after all going to be in a bathing suit or sun dress pretty much non stop for at least 2 if not 3 days.  What I did not think about until half an hour before my appointment was that I'd be essentially getting naked in front of a total stranger. Cue anxiety and tummy ache!!

Fortunately the technician was so professional that it didn't feel weird that I was only in my underwear and by underwear I mean just my bloomers my friends! So with a generous slathering of lotion as a barrier cream I was ready to go!

The first thing she asked me was, what I was getting the tan for. Was it a special occasion? She asked me how dark I wanted to go and informed me of the amount of time I could expect it to last for. She customized just the right color for my skin tone- going as dark as she could without making me look weird! I don't want to look like a carrot my friends!

Let the tanning begin!! You stand in a tent like apparatus with your arms out. She sprayed the whole front of my body, making sure I held my chin up, so I wouldn't have any inconsistencies on my neck. Then I turned around and she had me slightly bend forward. Again making sure I didn't have any areas with inconsistencies. Then my sides, inner thighs and arms. All these areas were done twice. Then at the end she did a light spray on my hands, feet and face. Ta-da! A quick go over with just air to dry and then back in my clothes! 

8 hours later and I was sporting a fully developed, gorgeous golden tan!!

                          BEFORE:                               AFTER:

Another "After" in better lighting. 

I highly recommend Johanna at Hive Natural Beauty Collective.

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