Coconut Oil- Gift From the Hair Gods!

Okay, I'll admit it- I had a hair accident about a month ago. Being a hairstylist for a living I expect this to happen now and again, because to be quite frank we do things to ourselves that we would never do to a paying client! My hair oops (as I like to call them) usually stem from impatience. When I want it, I want it now and if  I've got the supplies at home I make it happen! So this time around I used product that I never intended for my actual hair- it was for the hair extensions I used to use, so it was a low grade product and not the good stuff I use at work. You can probably guess what happened. I kinda fried the ends of my hair! Whoops!! 

Soooooo, I can't exactly leave it like that- it's not exactly the best advertisement for my job- plus I don't want to have hair like that! Enter my tried and true method for intensive hair repair... It's not super fancy, it's not ultra expensive and it has many uses- good ol' coconut oil! You can cook with it, use it as massage oil, moisturize your body with it and also repair Sahara Desert dry hair!

My personal favorite is Spectrum Organic, which is found on the shelf where olive oil and other cooking oils can be found. Coconut oil is solid and the first time I saw this jar of solid white, opaque "oil" I was skeptical. After dipping a finger in, snagging a chunk and emulsifying it in the palm of my hands it instantly turned to liquid. I first used it as a body moisturizer and I was sold, sold I tell you!! 

It has now restored my hair back to it's former glory.

I used it twice a week for the first 2 weeks and now I just use it occasionally or as needed. Get a good palmful, enough to saturate your whole head of hair, really soaking it in those ends, braid it or put it in a bun and sleep in it overnight. I've never had it stain a pillowcase so I'm assuming that it doesn't but be sure to give it a good 20 minutes or so to soak in completely before laying down for the night (if you're nervous then skip the overnight part and let it sit for a few hours- it won't work as quickly but it will still do some good moisturizing!). In the morning shampoo it out, condition as usual and you're good to go! If you're really in need and have absolutely no where you need to go, leave it in the whole weekend! I've shown up to Zumba many a time with a head full of coconut oil discreetly put in a high top knot with a headband- condition while you work out!

So there you have it! In these times of needing your dollar to stretch a little farther than it used to, treat yourself to a jar of organic coconut oil and reap the beauty benefits!!


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