Outfit of the day- Denim Overall/Dungaree goodness

 I have been on the hunt for the right overalls for months now. The ones I really wanted were from Madewell but they sold out in my size and were also a bit more than I wanted to spend so the hunt continued. Then I saw my friend Andi wearing the cutest corduroy, wide leg pair that I fell in love with. They turned out to be Target but not current season so I did a Google search and lo and behold there they were on eBay! I promptly ordered them and about died when they arrived and I tried them on. Apparently I'm long waisted so let's just say they don't work for me without some creative adjustments with the buttons on the straps and also perhaps a 5lbs weight loss. They are now living in my closet until I can figure out how to make them work. 

While on a girls shopping day in Santa Barbara last weekend the heavens opened and the angels sang! We walked into Free People and the very first thing I saw were the cutest, unique denim overalls. I immediately grabbed them and made a beeline for the dressing room. Thank goodness for good friends who never stray too far from "loud whisper" distance of the dressing room because I needed them to reassure me that the overalls were a "must have", because I'll be honest I was out of my comfort zone. I'm so glad they said I needed them because 1. I love them and 2. My husband absolutely loves them! Win-win!!

Shirt: Forever 21
Shoes: Topshop Dolly two part sandal 
Necklace: SeilerDesigns
Cardigan- Target (it's my favorite- can you tell? :) )


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