Peter Pan's Got Nothing On Me- OOTD

It's been quite a while since I've done an Outfit Of The Day post  and I thought it was about time I shared one with you. So I call this little number my "Peter Pan Outfit". I imagine it's obvious why, but in case you can not see what I'm referring to, here's my reasoning. 1: the dress is emerald green. 2: the dress has scolloped edges and a v-neck with an elastic waist, much like all Peter Pan Halloween costumes. 3: I insist on wearing this dress with leggings or tights and the same brown boots-I know that Peter Pan is often depicted in ankle boots, but these make me feel even more "Peter". I feel like I need to put my hands on my hips, puff up my chest, and crow!! And you know what? I'm okay with this- I love this outfit, it's so incredibly comfy and you know what else? I LOVE Peter Pan! It's my favorite kids story, so I'm totally cool with rocking an outfit that he might have worn.

Dress: thrifted from Curio, Menswear style cardigan: Target, Leggings: DKNY, Socks: Betsey Johnson (found at Ambiance SLO), Boots: cheapies I found a few years ago. 

detail of the scalloped edge. this edge is also on the sleeves

detail of the socks and boots

annnnnnd, I'm testing out some glass frames. I do believe that it's time for an eye exam- I've been saying this for years, no exaggeration!! So I got myself some non-prescription frames just to see how I felt about wearing glasses. The baby's below are too big for my face, but they are fun. 
I believe THESE Oliver People's frames in Taupe Gradient are the winners, should I need glasses. Or the Stella in Whiskey from Salt Optics.

Any thoughts? 

non-prescription frames: Urban Outfitters
ps.... my head is not shaved- it's in a bun, haha!!


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