4 Current Lip Obsessions

I have some new lip obsessions at the moment. It doesn't matter what reason I enter Sephora for I always come out with a lip product it seems. I'm a lipgloss, lipstick, lip balm queen. As I mentioned in my previous lip post (HERE) I'm forever obsessed with Bite Beauty. I swoon each time they come out with their seasonal limited lip items. 3 of my latest obsessions are from Bite Beauty and one is from Marc Jacobs Beauty.  Here's the breakdown of my current faves!

BB for Lips in Tawny

This sheer tinted lip balm feels heavenly. If there's one thing I hate it's sticky lipgloss. This glides on and just gives you a hint of color. This is my current go-to when I don't want to go full on lipstick or bright color, but I still want a hint of something on my lips. SPF 15.

Deconstructed Rose Lipstick in Centifolia
*limited edition (still available on the Sephora website as of 8/3/14)

Oh my goodness if you like the smell of roses then this is for you. Inspired by the ever changing colors of a rose the 4 limited edition colors smell both heavenly and are ultra hydrating. This color is described as muted peach but in person I would say it's a bright coral. 

Matte Creme Lip Crayon in Sucré

I'm in love. This is the one I want to grab the most. It is the newest addition to my lip bag and the one I'm currently planning outfits around! This matte lip crayon is not dry at all- it glides on evenly and has enough viscosity that I can rub my lips together to spread the product with no problem. What I like about this heavily pigmented crayon is that it stains my lips so even an hour after application I have some color to my lips. I also like the versatility- if applied directly from the tube you get more color saturation but if I just want a hint or a wee bit lighter I'll use my finger to apply it from the crayon. For an example of what it looks like applied with my fingers see THIS photo from my Instagram feed. (cheerupoldbean)

Lust for Lacquer Lip Vinyl- Full in Fame

This is a high maintenance product. I have to use a flesh toned waxy lip pencil to line the edges of my lips or this product bleeds. Nothing to make you feel old like a lip product that bleeds!! I don't wear this that often because of that but when I do it's like a party on my lips! It's minty tingle-y and whoa does it shine! They're not kidding when they call it Lip Vinyl! If you don't have a problem with colors bleeding passed your lip lines then this highly pigmented minty gloss is for you. (for a better pic of what this looks like on see THIS pic from my Instagram feed.

*to view swatches of these colors see THIS photo from my instagram feed @cheerupoldbean

So there's my current lip favorites! I'm back in the posting saddle again so expect more to come- lots of product reviews and the final Ireland post coming (cue tears- there's a reason I've procrastinated on that one)


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