Pommes Frites Candle Co.

What's an unexpected perk of working in a salon that is also a boutique? Being introduced to amazing products!! The latest thing on my list that may just break the bank?- Pommes Frites Candle Co.

Pommes Frites is a small Los Angeles based company that makes small batch, high quality candles from domestically grown soy wax. Besides the amazing apothecary style packaging, the unique scents are what really piqued my interest in this brand. Campfire? For reals? Aw yeah- now that is a candle scent! There is something to tickle everyone's olfactory nerve- florals, fruits, woods, seasonal aromatics. 

The one I chose to go home with first was No. 15 Gardenia & Coconut. The scent reminds me of something but I can't put my finger on it. It smells of something from my past and that something must be happy because I chose it over campfire (trust me, that will be next).

The Campfire seems to be in the lead for everyone's favorite but I think that Sweet Grapefruit is a close second. They also carry some of their scents in mini candles, which I fully intend to take advantage of! I just might already have a few in my cart on their Etsy store (psst, Eucalyptus and Neroli, anyone?! Oh yes!)

For those of you in the San Luis Obispo area Hive Natural Beauty Collective is carrying a select group of scents* so come on in!! For everyone else that it outside the San Luis Obispo area these candles can be purchased from their Etsy store.

*Scents currently available at Hive: Gardenia and Coconut, Campfire, Teakwood and Tobacco, Sweet Grapefruit, Amber and Moss. 


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