Mixin' the cheap with the not-so-cheap!

Outfit of the Day :)
Mixin' cheap with the not-so-cheap
The complete look. I love this mix of inexpensive shoes, skirt and tights, with pricey shirt and cardi both from Anthropologie.  What a great balance, and also insanely comfortable!!! (my puppy and laundry pile got in on this pic too!)

Inexpensive wedge shoes by Qupid, from a local store in San Luis Obispo, called Lucky Lulus.  These shoes were $25. I love to wear them both with dresses and with flare jeans. 
Shirt from Little Yellow Button and cardigan from Bailey 44, both found at Anthropologie. I've had both of these shirts for eons. I parted with the striped shirt for a brief time, and the friend I gave it to gave it back when she realized she never wore it and I could fit into it again. :) what a great gal!!!! I'll never part with it again!

the adorable cap sleeves on the Little Yellow Button shirt. You can also see the detailing of the shirt- the collar is the most adorable feature ever!! The skirt is a high waisted pencil skirt from Old Navy that I got on clearance for $12 a few years ago- I wear it all the time and will cry the day it starts to fade or fall apart!
I kinda want to live in this outfit! :)


  1. How amazing that you got your shirt back! A few times a year I have my feng shui fits and donate mass quantities of everything to thrift stores... and then inevitably have donors-remorse over a few of those things.

    Twice I've actually bought back my own items. *hangs head in shame*

    Also, I think you're awesome to be doing outfit posts. I always want to but just can't bring myself to go through with it. BRAVO. :)

    1. I have repurchased a donation too!!! One time my mom called me and said she got me a cute shirt from goodwill and it turned out to be MINE!! We had a good laugh over it!!

      I'm totally grateful to my friend for giving me the shirt back. It was too small for me then but when I could fit into it again I was ecstatic!! I wear it all the time!!

      You should do outfit posts! Sometimes I spy you going into linnaeas while I'm at work (oh god that sounds stalkerish, but small town, ya know?!) anyway you always look so adorable!! And I swear I'll catch you next time I see you and I'm on an actual break, so I can stop feeling like a voyeur!


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