Hair Envy

Oh, and this blue beehive is giving me serious hair envy!!! Drooling over that blue and that 'do!


  1. How cute are they???? So stinkin' rad!!! Leah...I think you could sooooo pull off having a blue beehive! I am urging you to at least consider it....;)

  2. Haha, Leslie, definitely considering. I think I'm passed my crazy hair color phase thought, but I'm dying to get a blue wig- like a good quality one!

    Search A Beautiful Mess wedding in google and can see other pics that aren't on her blog- such a CUTE wedding!!!!!

  3. Yes....I completely understand that:). Gone are my days of crazy colors as well....I'm ok with it...not that i don't enjoy switching things up a bit...but more along the lines of "pretty colour" as opposed to "shock factor" colour;)....a blue wig sounds perfect....non committal but yet experimental! Miss ya! Quinn and I may be in SLO in August....I'll let you know. Maybe we can at least have a quick hug!

    1. yes, yes, yes!!!!!! I would LOVE beyond anything to see you and meet little Quinn in August!!! I really hope we can get together, even if it's for a hug, although I'd LOVE to see you longer!!! That would be so awesome!!!! Do you have my cell #? I'll email it to you if you don't :) oxoxox

  4. I thought I had your cell...but I only have your email and physical address for some odd yes please:)


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