Hello 2014

looking ahead

2013 definitely brought some challenges but in the middle of all of the sadness and the difficulties we really did find some light. 2013 started with a lot of hope and we certainly planned on manifesting our dreams into reality, it really was going to be good. But we were to find our goals were quickly taken out of our hands and we were reminded that we don't run the show in a big way.  I'm really proud to say that we didn't fall apart. Life handed us some serious lemons, the kind that break your heart, but we regrouped and looked to each other for support. This, my friends is where we found our light.

I really hope to look back on 2013 as a year of growth, we have been setting a strong foundation for what lies ahead. Not everything is resolved from 2013, so I don't get to start 2014 with a completely clean slate but I do have some direction and with the help of those around me hopefully soon I can say that I can leave all of that yuckiness behind. 

Usually I start each new year with the same goals. It's pretty much always to get in shape and lose weight- boring right? This year that's still on the list but honestly right here- today- my goals or resolutions are these two things: be healthy, whatever that means for me- yes I want to lose weight (that will always be on the list), but after all of the craziness of 2013 I just want true health- to have a body in balance that's happy and does what it's meant to do. Simple and completely within my grasp and somewhat in my control. I can start with me- my attitude and my habits. 

And second, and this partly plays into the first one: set boundaries. I need to learn to say no (within reason of course). I overworked myself last year to the point of emotional and physical exhaustion. I totally attribute the health issues that I've had to this. I really believe that if I had taken more time to sit and rest, to renew myself and to be in the moment I would not have faced some of the challenges from last year. Stress was and is a big factor to my body being out of balance and not in it's best, most happy place. My husband always tells me that I work too much and now the universe has slapped me and told me the same!

So, 2014 that's what I ask of you. Be the year that I find balance in all aspects of my life. It would also be super awesome if you would pick up the slack of 2013 and grant us those hopes and dreams, I think we've proven that we're ready and deserving!

I'll leave you with this my friends: I wish everyone a wonderful, prosperous and healthy 2014! 


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