Happy Halloween!!

How did I do it?

Using either white face paint or a very light foundation (which is what I did with white eyeshadow over it like a loose powder) Paint face, including lips, eyelids and eyebrows.

Use black cream eyeliner. I used blacktrack gel/cream eyeliner from MAC. Using a small eyeliner brush, paint the outline of the eye socket holes and then fill in. If you need to, go over this area with matte black eyeshadow to set the eyeliner. Repeat this process for the nose.

Using red lipstick and a lip brush paint flower petals evenly around the black eye sockets. Try to put them in the same spots on each eye so they mirror each other. Using your finger and the same red lipstick run a line in the hollow of your cheeks, blend with your fingers. Do the same thing around your  jawline and blend upwards with your fingers. 

Back to the eyeliner and small eyeliner brush, paint a cobweb across your forehead (if you so desire- any design will do really).  Draw black lines from the corners of your mouth out to your cheeks. I stopped the line at about the same spot as the end of my eye. paint vertical lines bisecting these lines and down your lips to create the "teeth". 

Doodle on your face and chin- get creative, this is the fun part! I did red swirls and black dots on my chin and curvy lines below the cheekbones. 


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