Transitioning Summer Clothes To Fall

California is known for having mild fall weather so it's pretty easy to transition your summer clothes into fall.  I challenge myself every year to take my favorite pieces from the warmer months and make them work when it starts to cool down. This works even if you're not in a mild fall/winter climate- heavier tights, a few more layers, perhaps some wool socks instead of cotton, a cozy scarf or knit hat? It can definitely be made to work. Below are three outfits I wore this week that each contained at least one item of clothing that was meant for warm weather- pieces I wasn't willing to part with even with 30 degree mornings


First up is my t-shirt dress- a lightweight cotton, with short sleeves. Worn on it's own it was perfect when the temp got over 90 degrees. Paired with sandals (and in my case a pair of rolled up, lightweight skinny jeans) it was great in hot weather. How did I transition to fall? A pair of thick, opaque leggings, boots, and my trusty denim jacket made this outfit both comfortable and cute. 

outfit details:

T-shirt dress: Target found HERE
Denim Jacket: JCrew similar HERE
Leggings: Costco (yes!)
Boots: Dansko Nena boot (no longer available, BUT can be found on ebay)
Necklace: Susanne Bjornson, local boutique


This outfit is perfect for a dreary day. You can't be afraid of bold colors if you're going to pull something like this out of your closet, but I promise if you do you'll make people smile. This short sleeved, crop sweater has just been sitting in my closet waiting for the temp to drop! While not exactly a summer piece the short sleeves don't lend itself entirely to fall. The skirt was a late summer staple for me with bare legs and sandals. I just couldn't wait to break out my tights! Combine this with a coat or a cardigan and you're totally set for a brisk day!

outfit details:

Nesting Doll Sweater: From local consignment store Curio, but originally at Urban Outfitters- brand: Cooperative (local? follow Curio on Instagram for outfit inspiration and deals @curioslo)
Skirt: the Cassie by Lularoe (a little tip: to customize length and make it more flattering with tall boots- pull up above knees and fold over waistband.)
Tights: Urban Outfitters, found in store only
Boots: Steve Madden Intyce in stone (now only available in black or brown HERE)


Take a sleeveless summer babydoll dress, add tights, boots and a cardi- you're set! This babydoll dress is not only sleeveless but it has a cutout on the upper back making it a great warm weather dress- however- I love it too much to relegate it to just hot days. Opaque tights, tall riding boots and a long cardigan helped to transition this favorite to fall. (want to fool everyone into thinking you have a crazy fake tan? wear these tights lol!)

outfit details:

Dress: Target
Cardigan: Target similar HERE
Tights: Urban Outfitters, found in store only
Boots: Bandolino-mine happen to be wide calf for my "athletic calves" as they say, (similar found HERE, all Bandolino and all on sale!!!) 

I hope this has inspired you to try to carry your summer pieces over into fall and winter. It's amazing what a pair of thick tights and boots can do for you. Not only do you get to continue to wear your favorite pieces but it saves money in the process. 


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