Cozy Throw Blankets

Back in the summer when it was way too hot to contemplate slippers, hot mugs of cocoa, and cozy throws, West Elm had a fantastic sale. I just couldn't resist purchasing some throws since I somehow managed to only acquire one in the last five years and it's not exactly fit for display. With that thought in mind I got click happy and before I knew it my virtual basket had two throws in it and voila, they were on their way!

When they arrived I could only use my imagination in the blistering California heat- I had absolutely no need for throws in August and honestly I broke out in a sweat just looking at them. I set them aside and delayed my gratification for another much chillier day.

Fast forward a few months, we've got one rain on the books so far and the occasional fall like day but for the most part we're still too warm for cozy things. The rest of the world on the other hand is definitely feeling fall and in some places winter is coming early- these blankets will be a welcome friend to you. Even better, they're back on sale!! 

While my little throws have only been used a handful of times so far I know that come January I'll be very happy that I thought ahead and got my hands on them early. Maybe you'll find a little cozy number yourself? Something you can see yourself bundled up in with a mug of hot cocoa?


  1. There is always a good reason to get cozy. Gorgeous picks!

    1. Thank you Amy! It was finally cold enough this weekend to use them!

  2. oooo these look so soft and cozy! great colors, too!


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