Coming Home From Big Sur

The last post was about our time camping in gorgeous Big Sur and this post is a part two of sorts. We deviated from our usual route- going back south down the 1 to our home in San Luis Obispo County- and went home via Monterey and from there connecting with Hwy 101 South.  The only reason that we chose to do this wacky route was our poor pup Finnigan. We didn't want to subject him to the twists and turns of Hwy 1 which made him car sick on the way up to Big Sur. Even though our detour took us farther north than we needed to go it took us the exact same amount of time to get home as it did to take Hwy 1 up.  An added advantage to this journey? The Bixby Bridge and rain!!!!!

We haven't seen rain since my husband and I went to Ireland in January. I cannot tell you how thrilling it was to turn the windshield wipers on! Nerd alert!! But in drought ridden, water starved California that business is a big deal!!

Here's a little pictorial of our journey home...

North on Hwy 1:

We stopped at a vista point after crossing the bridge so I could get the above photos. 

Heading South on the 101:


 if you look closely I'm camouflaged with the tree. 

Soledad Mission-


  1. Some of my favoritest places! I love the rich colors in your photos. And all of those Marys at the mission- one really can't have enough Marys. Thanks for reminding me what's just up the road.


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