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I rarely talk about my day job, and I've never mentioned anything about my workplace. This has been on purpose- I like to keep that part of my life separate, but recently I've made some big changes in that department and I've decided to break my own rule. I want to introduce you to my new home away from home, some of the people in it and what we get up to on our days off (photoshoot!) 

Marcia, the Creative Director and Owner of Hive Natural Beauty Collective likes to keep things lively and fresh, the aesthetic is constantly changing. Already, only a matter of 10 days after these photos were taken we have a new arrangement of displays. 

I was lucky enough to have been offered an opportunity to work here at a time of great changes. What once was a salon of only 4 chairs is now a salon of 6 chairs. What once was a breakroom is now my work home. With the structural changes also comes digital and design changes. Hive Natural Beauty Collective will soon boast a new website. A streamlined, fancy website. When this website goes live you will be able to feast your eyes on gorgeous images shot by Michelle Roller Photography, designed and styled by the ladies of Hive. 

We got in on the action too. There just might be a bio or two and well... some headshots. I give you fair warning that we all had to get up really early for these headshots and can not be held responsible for the outcome if we look it! Actually in all seriousness I work with some stunning ladies, who also happen to be real gems, with kind hearts and wicked senses of humor, who make me happy to go to work each and every day. 

My favorite picture of the day- featuring Marcia

Noelle, getting direction

Ali, ready for her close up

Lindsey greeting Michelle, our photographer for the day

Ruth in a moment of contemplation before her headshot

Nichole walks to the orange wall

Kelsey strikes a pose.

Monica all dolled up and photo ready

Terez holding her own in front of the camera

talking strategy and preparing the station

Monica and Lindsay sharing a laugh. My other favorite photo from the day.

Making magic happen.

Marcia taking control of that topknot and showing it who's boss!

When the website is up and running I'll do a part two of this post. I'm really proud of everything we did that day, and happy to have been even just a small part of it. There is so much more than what was captured here but I can't let the cat completely out of the bag now can I?!

*Thank you to my co-workers for allowing me to stick a camera in their faces. I love nothing better than documenting the "behind the scenes" action. 

Thank you: Marcia, Kelsey, Lindsey, Monica, Noelle, Terez, Ruth, Ali and Nichole. 

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  1. this is great!! you took some really cool pictures of our little family :)


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