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7. Weeping Rocks and Towering Peaks

  Up early once again but this time our day ahead was less daunting, less gargantuan, but no less epic. We came to realize pretty quickly that everywhere in Zion is beautiful, and picturesque. You really can’t go wrong with any trail you choose.   On today’s docket: Weeping Rock Trail (sadly currently closed due to massive rock slide) and the Pa’rus Trail. Both of these trails are right up my alley. Weeping Rock is short with a lot of bang for your buck and Pa’rus is pretty flat and long. I’m not afraid of distance, it’s vert I don’t like. Ask Daniel how many times I say vert and how many times he rolls his eyes when I do. The answer is a lot and 100%. It’s safe to say he hates when I say it. “Why can’t you just say altitude like a normal person?”, “But,” I respond, “my trail running friends say vert. It’s the thing you say. Like -lets go get some vert.” His eyes will roll so far back into his head he can see his brain stem.  Anyway, I don’t like vert. I’ll do it and I won’t even compl

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